Meet Rae Harmonía

Meet Rebekah (Betty) West Harkness

Daring Midwestern socialite, Betty West, climbs life’s ladder and ultimately marries into one of the richest families on Earth... the Harkness family of the Standard Oil fortune. Her’s is the story of the American Dream... but Rebekah soon realizes. Once the dream comes true, it becomes a nightmare.

Meet Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí was a flamboyant, Spanish-born surrealist artist— renowned for his technical skill, striking and bizarre artwork, and stiff, upwards-turned, handlebar mustache. He spoke in riddles, but had the tongue of genius. He joins Rebekah on a quest to understand the secrets of the universe.

Meet Pythagoras

Pythagoras was an Ancient Greek philosopher, astronomer, theologian, mathematician, and musician. He developed a following of students, called Pythagoreans who passed on his wisdom. In fact, you may remember Pythagoras from his famous math theorem. Spoiler alert: Pythagoras is a key to the puzzle.